Applied Geoscience

Responsible for carrying out systematic geological mapping to compile detailed geological and structural maps and evaluate the potential of the mineral deposits for mining


Is responsible for carrying out systematic geological mapping to compile detailed geological and structural maps with relevant reports. Also to identify various rock types in the mapped areas and possible economic mineral potentials areas ( mineralised zones for gold, diamonds, iron ore, manganese, bauxite etc.) to locate areas of occurrence of industrial material including quarrying sites, clay, limestone, and sand deposit evaluation for engineering and other industrial purposes. The data from geological mapping is processed into geological maps to meet national development objectives and to also attract investment into the mining and related sectors of the national economy.


  • Issues geological certificate prior to major construction work.
  • Conduct site investigation for construction purposes,
  • Conduct geological hazards assessment for dam and tunnel design, coastal erosion, land-use planning, underground storages, ground subsidence, environmental impacts and mitigation, disaster management plans.
  • Carry out economic evaluation & risk assessment of groundwater, environmental (contaminant) remediation.
  • Investigates and identifies groundwater resources and construction materials.
  • Conducts reservoir characterisation, basin modelling, reservoir simulation, marine geology (study of the history and structure of the ocean floor), well correlations, ground development planning,



Geotechnical & Engineering Geology

Geotechnical studies prior to any major construction. Investigates risks or geological hazards for construction sites and plans site investigations


Hydrogeology & Marine Geology


Environmental Geology

Maintenance & servicing fieldwork at the accelerograph stations on the major dams

Company Profile

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority was established as an Authority of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in accordance with Ghana Geological Service Act, 2016 (Act 928)


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