Policy, Planning, Research, Monitoring And Evaluation

Responsible for the Strategic Planning of programs and Projects and ensures that they are monitored and evaluated periodically in collaboration with heads of technical units.



Leads the process for formulating plans and by drawing on relevant sources of information to analyze the overall performance and monitors progress in implementing key policies of Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA).


Conducting research into the development and impact of modules to make inputs into policy and the development of geological strategies and action plans.


It also conducts and commissions researches, compiles and analyzes data to improve module development for effective and efficient decision making of the Authority.


Monitors the operations of the Authority.

Earthquakes & geo-hazards education for schools at Seismic Observatory

Company Profile

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority was established as an Authority of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in accordance with Ghana Geological Service Act, 2016 (Act 928)


No. 6 Mayor Road, Ridge Accra.
Box M80, Ministries Branch. Accra

Tel: +233 050 940 2534

Email: info@ggsa.gov.gh / geosurvey@ggsa.gov.gh