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General Services

This Department is responsible for ensuring that the resources necessary for the effective operation of the Authority are provided. The Department comprises the Administration, Human Resource, and Finance.


This Directorate ensures that services and facilities necessary to support the Administrative and other functions of the Authority are available. It also ensures the provision of an effective and efficient system for internal checks. The Directorate comprises the following units.

  • Records Management
  • Information And Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Estate
  • Secretarial
  • Transport
  • Security
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management


This Directorate ensures that there is proper financial management and its administration at the Authority. This directorate also leads the administration of accounts preparation and safeguards the interest of the Authority in all financial transactions relating to revenue and expenditure. It further ensures the practice of proper and accountable administration and provides advice on all financial matters relating to the Authority. The units under this Directorate are:

  • Treasury
  • Accounts

Technical Services

The Directorate is responsible for identifying, nurturing, and acquiring new clients and business opportunities to drive growth and profitability. Also, Business Development Directorate develop proposals and provide cost and schedule for geological investigations, conducts survey business customers to uncover key weaknesses in the client service delivery.

The Directorate also facilitates the process for sourcing funds from donor partners and other stakeholders for implementing programmes and projects of the Authority.

Fees and Charges (Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations, 2023


REVENUE ITEMS                                          FEES AND CHARGES (GH¢)

Issuance of Permit for Non-Commercial Geological samples   

20 kg or less                                                                                      840.00

Over 20 kg to 100 kg                                                                        1,680.00

Over 100 kg to 300 kg                                                                      2,520.00

Over 300 kg to 500 kg                                                                      4,200.00

Over 500 kg to 700 kg                                                                      5,880.00

Over 700 kg to 1,000 kg                                                                   8,400.00

Over 1000 kg to 1500 kg                                                                  12,600.00

Over 1500 kg to 2,000 kg                                                                 16,800.00

Any extra kilogram above 2,000kg                                                  50.00

Petrographic Laboratory                                                             

Preparation of rock thin section                                                       323.00

Report writing (petrographic studies)                                              323.00


Sample Preparation and XRF Analysis                                       

Pulverisation                                                                                    50.00

Preparation of Pellet                                                                       35.00

XRF Analysis                                                                                      147.00


Ceramics Test                                                                                 

Physical and Chemical Analyses of clay per sample                  776.00

Ceramic beads                                                                                  150.00



Magnetics/ Radiometrics (per line kilometre)                                  4.00

Electromagnetics/ Gravity (per line kilometre)                                7.00


Mapping And Mineral Exploration                                             

Preliminary desk study report                                                          3,150.00

Detailed desk study report                                                                7,000.00


Ground Investigation                                                                    

DCPT (plot size of 70 x 100 sq ft)                                                   9,500.00

SPT (No.2 holes for a plot size of 70 x 100 sq. ft)                       11,500.00

Certification of Geotechnical Report  10% of the cost of Geotechnical Investigation


Sales of maps                                                                                  

Seismicity map/ Seismic hazard map for districts in Ghana or less            1,575.00

New Geological map of Ghana (1:1,000,000)                                                   390.00

Mineral occurrence map per mineral  (0.697km3 or 100 plots of land)       700.00

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Human Resource

This Directorate is responsible for the Human Resource Management of the Authority by performing duties that relate to recruitment and selection, induction and orientation, training and development, promotions, staff welfare, retirement, employee grievances and other complaints originating from individual work situation and work environment. The units under this Directorate are:

  • Manpower Planning 
  • Career Management and Development
  • Welfare

Company Profile

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority was established as an Authority of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in accordance with Ghana Geological Service Act, 2016 (Act 928)


No. 6 Mayor Road, Ridge Accra.
Box M80, Ministries Branch. Accra

Tel: +233 050 940 2534

Email: info@ggsa.gov.gh / geosurvey@ggsa.gov.gh